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Grow an existing digital campus initiative into a venture studio to invest in AI and data science startups with a social impact 

In progress! Insights pending  

Launched a childcare startup in Manila 

Learned:  How to validate a product idea early on, iterate fast, build up a two-sided marketplace, lead cross-cultural team of engineers and designers

Designed, built and launched the education and incubation product and operating system for an international, Tokyo-based venture studio  

Learned:  How to build out training and strategy to prepare a large and distributed team for sales of a new product to new customer segments. 

Built community building playbook for a venture-backed, modern social club startup

Learned:  How to design a custom playbook and scale rituals for belonging and connection 

Graduated business school at Booth! Tried to co-found my first startup

Learned:  How to time manage to the extreme and the importance of momentum 

Project managed a team of engineers, policy makers, and economists to design a better policy model for COVID19 

Learned:  How to move incredibly quickly and translate academic research into public-facing writing

Built and launched a shared legal infrastructure to accelerate computational medicine research

Learned:  How to build and execute on a user research plan to understand pain points and then build coalition of diverse stakeholders to address their needs at scale

Joined first sales team for a video-chat startup  

Learned:  How to build an entrepreneurial sales toolkit and why it's best to get to a no quickly 

Designed a 7-week career retreat curriculum rooted in behavioral science and scalable to hundreds of alumni annually 

Learned:  How to design curriculum for a peer-to-peer coaching model of support

Tried to found my first startup: a tool to visually show citizens where their tax dollars go and empower voters

Learned:  How to pitch an early idea, do customer discovery, that users aren't the same as paying customers

Researched applications for AI in social impact and assessing human capital 

Learned:  How to prepare research briefings that people want to read 

Established my credibility and expertise in resume review and job search coaching at UChicago

Learned:  How to give actionable feedback and help people translate their skills across industries

First consulting gig building out a science-backed audience engagement strategy for a local orchestra

Learned:  How to leverage behavioral science and choice architecture to improve business outcomes

Started grad school learned that an MBA wasn't just for Investment Bankers

Learned:  How to challenge myself, learn quickly, and reteach myself math in preparation for the GMAT

Pivoted from theatre directing to University Development (with a stint in mortgage banking)  

Learned:  How to navigate the corporate world and translate my experiences into different domains

Graduate undergrad, move to Chicago, work a bunch of service jobs to support unpaid theatre

Learned:  How to hustle

Started a theatre company focused on creating opportunities for directors to practice their craft

Learned:  How to navigate building a company with friends and how to find a unique need and differentiate yourself 

Founded my own country in the backyard with its own currency and local dress

Learned:  How to have a very big vision and start one step at a time

Born a first-born Capricorn

Learned:  How to be a leader and not apologize for being ambitious 

Read a lot of books, did a lot of theatre, worked every day after school at the local gastropub

Learned:  How to navigate a world of adults confidently

Wanted to be a pioneer, in a covered wagon, making my own medicine out of plants 

Learned:  How to be at home in the woods and identify as an explorer

The Beginning
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